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Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner! This eZine is dedicated to enjoying the outdoors with our kids, including the furry ones!

Are You the Pack Leader? How to Prevent Excessive Barking.
First Things First: Why is Your Dog Barking?
As an owner, you need to understand why your dog is barking. Dogs don’t bark just to bark. Barking is a form of communication, so it’s crucial to determine what your dog is trying to say. The most common causes of barking include protection and warning, fear, play, attention, loneliness, and separation anxiety.
How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking
Excessive dog barking can be frustrating. The following can help ease the issue.

1. Exercise
Just like humans, dogs need daily exercise and physical and mental stimulation. Make sure your dog is walked every day not only for exercise but also because the exposure to new sights and smells will engage your dog’s brain.

2. Socialization
Whether it’s socialization with family members, strangers, or other pets, your dog craves attention and new experiences.  Make sure you socialize and make friends with other dogs and people in your neighborhood. If your dog knows neighbors, they are less likely to bark at them or feel the need to “protect” you from the people next door.

3. Training
Each dog is different and a little research or help from a professional trainer can go a long way to create a peaceful experience with your pet. Dogs are great students, and lots of positive reinforcement and consistent training will ensure you, your dog, and your neighbors remain happy.
How to Get Your Neighbor’s Dog to Stop Barking
Everyone has the right to enjoy their property, and if you’re constantly interrupted by barking dogs, you should address the issue. If it’s stressful for you, then it’s probably stressful for the owner, too. I recommend having a civil, face-to-face conversation with your neighbor. If you can’t come to an agreement, or the issue doesn’t get resolved, contact your community manager. Most communities have policies in place to prevent excessive noise, and your HOA would be happy to send a friendly letter to help educate a homeowner and remind them about the rules they have agreed to follow.
Keeping the Peace & More Backyard Tips
Stopping excessive barking in your neighborhood will go a long way to keeping the peace – allowing everyone to enjoy their backyards. However, noisy pets are not the only problem facing today’s communities. For more tips on making the most of your outdoor spaces, check out my post “Living in Your Neighbor’s Backyard? Here’s How to Keep the Peace.”


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Incumbent Imbecile

Recently I heard the former mayor of Reading, Pennsylvania,
recount some funny stories about his time in office.
One happened while he was running for reelection;
he was in a bar and paid for a woman’s drink.
She thanked him but wondered why a stranger had 
bought her a beer.
“I’m running for mayor,” he told her, “and I want your vote.”
“You got it,” she said, grabbing her glass.
“Anyone’s better than the jerk who’s in there now.”


Ahoy, Dracula!

Q: How do vampires get around on Halloween?
A: On blood vessels


Like Flower, Like Bud

As I entered the elevator at our hospital, a disheveled-looking man
rushed in behind me carrying a ceramic blue baby bootie filled with carnations.
I smiled knowingly and asked, “Does he look like you?
“I hope not,” he said. “I just deliver flowers.”

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Why Invest In Real Estate?

If you are like most people, the idea of riding the stock market ‘roller coaster’ makes you feel a little queasy.  The highs can be a lot of fun, but the lows really give you a kickin’ (and there seem to be a lot more lows than highs for most investors).

 While real estate also follows a cycle, it tends to be a much more gradual one.  Investing in revenue properties offers us limited immunity from fluctuation

 This means that you don’t tend to see the massive ups and downs of the stock and commodity markets.  It’s a much gentler ride, and tends to provide very solid returns on investment over the long run.  This is another reason I prefer real estate investing over other kinds of investments.

About Victoria Newstead

Victoria Newstead is a professional real estate entrepreneur and consultant.
Victoria’s current focus is long term multi-family properties.

If you would like to find out more about how to get an above average return on your money, backed by a solid asset (real property), and without the hassle of being a contractor and/or landlord – contact Victoria.

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