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Recently, I spent the evening with a group of real estate investors. One person in particular, Russell is someone I’ve learned a lot from due to his experience, strong business ethics and ideals when it comes to raising capital and managing assets. It was so fun to be in the same room sharing investment opportunities, market information, real life maintenance and management stories that would make some people cringe. But, not this group. The attitude in the room was “all in a day’s work” and tips and strategies were shared with hearty humour and can-do attitude. They are highly capable people, that have a keen sense of humour, resourceful and remarkable attitude toward life and relationships. I feel humbled and proud to be among them.

As I was driving home it occurred to me that my dad would have really liked these people. They model the same work ethic and dedication that he stood for and taught me from an early age. Dad went to great lengths to teach me to appreciate the good and minimize the bad. He taught me to be diligent and dedicate myself to my studies and my craft. My earliest memory of this was when I asked my parents if I could play violin. I was seven years old and I had my heart set on taking lessons.  So… my dad looked me in the eye and said in a firm tone that I could have a violin as long as I understood that it wasn’t a toy, I would be expected to practice every day and never miss a lesson and that under no circumstances was I permitted to quit. I went on to play for 10 years, until I graduated high school. I didn’t pursue violin professionally or become a music teacher as my parents had envisioned but it sure taught me a few things about work ethic, love of music, how an orchestra practices like crazy and comes together under pressure to perform and incremental improvement from consistent practice is at the heart of it. Until I spent time with my fellow investors and mentor, I’d taken my childhood lessons to heart and didn’t really notice that the lessons had shaped my approach to work and what I commit to.  

Being in the room with these like-minded investors and reflecting on the fun night sparked a new appreciation for this community and life as a whole.

Who do you know that energizes you, shares your values and sparks your passion for life?!

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What An Ugly Duck…
My husband was waterskiing when he fell into the river.
As the boat circled to pick him up, he noticed a hunter sitting in a duck boat in the reeds. My husband put his hands in the air and joked, “Don’t shoot!”
The hunter responded, “Don’t quack.”
Skinny Skeletons
Q: Know why skeletons are so calm?
A: Because nothing gets under their skin.
“Oh, and It Doesn’t Have Arms or Legs.”
A woman called the Colorado State Division of Wildlife
regarding a snake in her backyard.
“Can you tell me what kind it is?” she asked.
“Can you describe it?” I asked.
“Yes,” she said. “It’s long and thin.”
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If you are like most people, the idea of riding the stock market ‘roller coaster’ makes you feel a little queasy.  The highs can be a lot of fun, but the lows really give you a kickin’ (and there seem to be a lot more lows than highs for most investors).

         While real estate also follows a cycle, it tends to be a much more gradual one.  Investing in revenue properties offers us limited immunity from fluctuation

         This means that you don’t tend to see the massive ups and downs of the stock and commodity markets.  It’s a much gentler ride, and tends to provide very solid returns on investment over the long run.  This is another reason I prefer real estate investing over other kinds of investments.

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